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  • WELCOME POA MEMBERS to "The Peninsula" Website
  • New Member Registration - Click on the New? Register Here icon. Provides access to members only areas of the site
  • POA Board Meeting - February 10th, 9 am - Goreville City Hall.
  • Annual Meeting Minutes 2017 - Posted in Board Meeting Section
  • Annual POA Meeting October 21st, 3 pm - Rent One Ball Park, Marion Illinois
  • High Speed Internet Service Coming to Peninsula - Shawnee Communications is the provider - fiber optic line and equipment installation in progress
  • September 23, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes - Posted in Board Meeting Section
  • August 12, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes - Posted in Board Meeting Section
  • USPS Mail Delivery to the Mail Kiosk started in April - contact Avery Simoens to get a box assignment if you need mail delivery
  • Recycling Bin now available near the Mail Kiosk area
  • June 17, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes - Posted in Board Meeting Section
  • Master Plan Development of POA Facilities - Mail Kiosk, Parking, Goreville Emergency Building and Future Community Center - Phase 1 Master Plan Image.pdf
Mail Kiosk - Phase 1 installation is complete - mail service now available
 911 Signs - Now available from Goreville Fire Station - see photo below
Boat Ramp Cleanup Day - Thanks to John Miller who led the project and those who helped with this cleanup project over the Memorial Day Weekend.
  • POA Board Officers for 2017:
    President - Jim Anderson
    Vice President - Chuck Querrey
    Treasurer - Patti Powell
    Secretary -
  • January 21, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes - Board Meeting Section
  • Committee Appointments for 2017 - Committee Section
  • Annual Meeting Minutes 2016 - Posted in Board Meeting Section
  • Annual Association Meeting Minutes October 24, 2015 - Board Meeting Section
  • Pictures
    • Photo's from the fall colors, winter snow, road upgrade activity and some new construction - Located in the Photo Album Section
    • Photo's From the Annual Association Meeting - Located in the Photo Album Section
  • Informational
    • Important Local Phone Numbers - Located in Business Directory
    • Board and Annual Meeting Minutes - Located in Board Meeting Section.
    • POA 2015/2016 Budget - Board Meeting Section
    • Goreville TIF Report - Board Meeting Section
    • Johnson County Homes/Lots for Sale/Taxes information - Johnson County Homes for Sales and Taxes Section